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Perfect Pie Crust

Mini Lattice Top Pies.

I have a good friend. Katie is her name. She introduces me to all sorts of recipes, gadgets, and ingredients. We bake and cook as often as possible, and if we can’t bake with each other, we share what we’ve created. It’s not unusual to find baked goods on my door step in the morning, which are then devoured by me, and if I have to share, with my hungry pack of wolves.

Because we work so well together, I suggested that we make an entire dessert buffet for my brother’s wedding (click here to see it). She agreed and basically organized it all, and I did what she said. She’s one of those friends, when she gives you advice, you take it.

One item we made for the wedding were Mini Lattice Top Pies. We needed a pie crust that held up to a few standards to make them a success. The criteria were: it had to taste fantastic, be flaky, stand up to lots of handling, and be made a few days ahead of time. This one met all the criteria and then some. Every time we would compare it to any other pie crust this one won.

The recipe makes 3 crusts which could be one or even two too many. However, I found that having an extra pie crust in the freezer has come in more than handy, especially during the harvest.

You’ll thank yourself for making this crust and so will others. I didn’t change a thing in the recipe but will admit you must use brand name quality ingredients, as I tried it with the store brand Crisco, and it took some adjusting the flour and water ratios. So stick to the brands you trust, and you’ll enjoy perfect pie crust.

I found this recipe at where she has step by step photos and all. To tell you the truth her post is as perfect as the pie crust, so instead of reproducing it on my site you can find the recipe here.  Enjoy!


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  1. Ha ha ha…this is so fun to read. Do you get a kick out of it as much as I do when I write about you?

  2. […] Prepare 1 pie crust. See Perfect Pie Crust recipe here. Bake pie crust till edges are just lightly browned. Bake time will vary depending on your pie […]

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