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Homemade Oreos, a special treat.

It’s getting to be the end of the school year again, and I am more than grateful. I am ready to begin summer adventures and lazy days, saying farewell to carpools, schedules, and homework.

My son’s school hosts class picnics toward the end of each school year. I signed up to bring a dessert, no surprise there. When I asked my son, Xavier, what he wanted me to bake for his class picnic, he thought about it for a while and decided upon homemade Oreos.

It was perfect. Homemade Oreos are a special treat not only for kids, but for adults as well. They are easily portable and bring a little excitement to every picnic, and by the way, will be gone in 15 minutes flat.

{Almost} Homemade Oreos

(Thanks to my co-worker, Robyn, who passed this recipe on to me a few years ago.)

2 pkg. Devils Food Cake Mix
1 1/2 cups Crisco shortening
4 eggs

Preheat  oven to 300 degree Fahrenheit. Mix all ingredients together.  Because there are more dry ingredients versus wet ingredients, I usually end up mixing it with my hands so I can incorporate the ingredients more quickly. Using a tablespoon as a guide for size, roll dough into balls. Place balls on a greased cookie sheet and bake 12 minutes. The cookies will have cracks on the tops and will look like they are not baked through, but let them sit on the cookie sheet for a few minutes and then carefully transfer them to a cooling rack. Once cool, match cookies up by size. Dab a spoonful of cream cheese filling on one cookie and press another cookie on top. Enjoy!

Cream Cheese Filling

8 oz. cream cheese
1/4 cup margarine
2 tsp. vanilla
3 1/2 cups powdered sugar

With a mixer; cream margarine, cream cheese, and vanilla. Add powdered sugar a cup at a time and mix till smooth.


Comments on: "{Almost} Homemade Oreos" (4)

  1. susy manninh said:

    sounds nice and easy, and cute, gonna do these for a recital! thanks Honey! love you…

  2. YUM! How can I get some of these? Have you tried the not-nearly-as-good store bought mint/chocolate covered Oreos? They’re good, but not as good as homemade…

  3. Delish! They were a hit! I’ve been wanting a recipe for these…thanks.

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