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Blessed {Salsa Verde}

Some days I feel beyond blessed.

Today’s post is brought to you by neighbors who share of bounteous gardens, friends who bake Huckleberry-Peach Pie, overflowing co-op baskets, children who make me smile, and a husband who is willing to try anything, and I mean anything.

I am so very blessed with beautiful wonderful food, family, and friends. I hope you are too.


Salsa Verde

First, turn your oven to a high broil.

Now, take as many tomatillos as you have and peel off the husks; wash ’em and lay ’em on a baking sheet that has a lip around the edges (to keep juices from running off the pan). Next, add a few onions(quartered), jalapenos (deseeded-if you can’t handle the heat) or any pepper you have on hand, and maybe a few tomatoes too. Sprinkle all this with olive oil and toss it around a bit. Then sprinkle with salt and pepper.


Put the baking sheet on the middle rack for about 30-40 minutes or until the skins are blistered and starting to burn. Remove pan from oven. Carefully transfer all the ingredients into a blender or food processor. Blend to desired consistency. Now, test for salt and pepper or garlic powder additions, and add what you think it needs.

Begin eating immediately or refrigerate until needed (for those slow cooked pork tacos you’ve got going in the crockpot…..mmmmn).

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  1. Why do you not live closer? I could be taste testing all your food!!!! Gosh, this looks delicious. We are all so blessed with so many people and things. Loved your post. Love you!

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