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Homemade Vegetable Bouillon

So handy, so easy, so useful!

I am really excited about this. I expect to use it all fall and winter long.

I never have broth on hand, and find myself just adding water when recipes call for it. It’s not that I don’t like broth, I just never have it, and never remember to get it. For some reason it’s one of those things I don’t run across when I’m at the store. Maybe it’s on the very bottom of the shelf or something.

Anyway, when I came across this recipe I was dumbstruck, why hadn’t I thought of this?! It uses basic ingredients that almost any kitchen would have on hand, well almost any kitchen. So I whipped some up and used it that very night in my Roasted Tomato Garlic Soup. It worked perfectly.

I put the rest in a container to keep in the freezer for when I need it. It stays soft so you can spoon out what you need, when you need it.

Oh, and I do want to put a warning on here like Nicole, at Heat Oven to 350 did. Do not, under any circumstances, taste test this in it’s concentrated form. Blah. Do you see how much salt is in this recipe? Perfect for bouillon, not for your taste buds.


Vegetable Bouillon

(from Heat Oven to 350)

*Makes 3 1/2 cups; use 1 tsp to one cup water

1 lb carrots, peeled & chopped into large chunks
1/2 bunch Celery, washed & chopped into large chunks
1 large onion, chopped
1 handful of parsley
1 handful of herb of choice ( I used lemon-thyme)
3/4 cup salt

Combine all vegetables into a blender or food processor and puree. You will need to stir as you go moving larger pieces of vegetables to the bottom.

Add in parsley, herbs, and salt and continue to puree till a paste has formed. It took about 5 minutes in my blender to get it to the consistency I wanted.

Store bouillon in an airtight container or ziplock in your freezer. When ready to use, dilute 1 teaspoon in 1 cup water.

Comments on: "Homemade Vegetable Bouillon" (3)

  1. Except for maybe onions and salt, I never have that stuff on hand in my kitchen but I’ve always got broth and stock. I think I even have some fish stock on hand…how funny that we’re different like that. Maybe it’s all the cheese sauce I used to make.

  2. Since it’s starting to get cold (clarification: San Diego “cold”), this is just what I’m looking for to add to my soups! I’m glad to hear it will stay pliable in the freezer and it’s a large quantity, so it will last through many soups. Thanks for sharing!

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