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Snowman Kabobs

The only Snowman you’ll see in Utah this winter.

Here in Utah, our license plates state, “The Greatest Snow on Earth.” Well, either Utah has moved to another part of the country (unbeknownst to me) or mother nature’s been a little lazy sending the white stuff. I still have mixed feelings about it really. I love it in December, and despise it in April, May and June…and especially in July. Although, we do enjoy a good sledding and snowman making, which we were able to do a few weeks ago, so I guess I won’t complain too loudly.


Also a few weeks ago, my son, Xavier, was in charge of something called “Snack Center”  in his 2nd/3rd grade class. It is where the kids have the opportunity to make a delicious and nutritious snack on their own, by following and writing a new recipe shared by a classmate. So far, Xavier has been loving all of the recipes. He brings the handwritten recipes home to me, and asks if we have all the ingredients to make them again.


It’s been fun to see him in the kitchen making his own tasty creations. Especially because he is going through a growth spurt, and pretty much eats non-stop. He eats more than me at dinner, getting second and sometimes third helpings. If you ask me, I think the only thing he’s really growing is a stomach! He is only 8 years old right now, and I am pretty nervous about feeding (and paying to feed!) a teenage boy. Two of them!

Snowman Kabobs

*One banana will make 2-3 Snowmen

Banana, sliced into thick rounds
Mini Chocolate Chips, 8 chips per snowman
Carrot, slivered into triangle shapes
Pretzel Sticks, 2 per snowman

*You’ll also need a long Kabob Skewer

1. Carefully slide 3 banana slices to the end of a skewer.
2. Gently press the carrot sliver onto the middle of the top banana.
3.Very carefully stick the pretzels into both sides of the middle banana slice.
4.Softly press the points of the mini chocolate chips into the banana for the eyes, mouth and buttons.
5.Enjoy, be creative, and have fun!

Comments on: "Snowman Kabobs" (3)

  1. Those are really cute! Time to buy more bananas!

  2. So right about the snow here in Utah! I can’t say I’m really complaining, though. The snowmen are adorable! What a great idea.

  3. LOVE the snack idea, but even more LOVE the pictures of the kids — all three are adorable!

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