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It’s asparagus season!

I love asparagus. In the spring, I find myself with a frig full of it from my food co-ops.

In the past, if I didn’t eat it within a day or two, it would sadly go limp and brown. Then I’d have to throw it away before I could roast it up with a little olive oil, a splash of balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt/pepper.

Well this spring, I’ve taken charge and learned how to keep my asparagus fresh for up to 2 weeks! No really 2 weeks.

Here’s how you do it.

With a sharp knife, cut off about an inch of the tough bottom ends.


Next, place the asparagus in a quart size jar and fill it with 1 to 2 inches of water.


Place a plastic bag (such as a produce bag) loosely over the jar so it is not touching the asparagus. Pull and twist the bottom of the bag, tucking it under itself to keep it sealed.

Place in the refrigerator till needed. Wash when ready to use.

PS-I also tried this out with fresh cilantro, and it kept fresh far longer than the usual.

(from Always Order Dessert)

Comments on: "How to Store Fresh Asparagus" (10)

  1. mymary0913 said:

    i would also suggest a quick swish in a 1:10 vinegar:water mixture to kill any mold spores before cutting the ends, etc. that helps keep all sorts of things REALLY longer.

  2. Thanks for this…I run a cooking school and these useful hints are always helpful!

  3. I love this, thanks. I always have to throw some away because they’ve gone bad.

  4. It works with fresh parsley too!

  5. quite logical…glad to know:)

  6. thanks for the tip. Seen as how Roz says it works with parsley, can I assume that it will work for cilantro?

  7. I would think all herbs…. Celery stalks work as well!

  8. I use quart jars, then vaccum pack them using a Food Saver . They keep long time in refrig.

  9. A really great tip, thanks so much.

    I’ve pinned this post to my Food & Cooking board here:

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