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In the last few months, I have slowly been going through my Grandmother’s recipes. She passed away just last fall, and I was lucky enough to go to the funeral and celebrate her life with many loved ones. I was also lucky to bring home a few bags of her saved recipes and cookbooks.

Now, I don’t remember my Grandma Manning baking a whole lot, but I do remember having Banana Bread with Raspberry Compote one sunny summer evening many years ago. She had preserved raspberries from her backyard, and I remember thinking it odd putting those raspberries on top of banana bread. But all it took was one bite, and I was hooked. I’ve kept the memory of it all these years, and was excited to try it again when I found her recipe for Banana Zucchini Bread. It was delightful, just as I had remembered it.

I have enjoyed getting to know my Grandmother better while sifting through saved recipes, guessing her favorite ingredients, and looking at her handwritten notes. I feel I have become a little closer to her.

For more of the fun things I’ve learned about my Grandmother while perusing her recipes, scroll down past the recipe.


Banana Zucchini Bread {with Raspberry Compote}

(From Grandma Velma Manning)
Yields 2 Loafs

2 cups sugar
3 eggs, beaten
1 tbsp vanilla
1 cup canola oil
2 cups shredded zucchini, slightly drained of juices
2 cups bananas, mashed

3 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cardamom or cinnamon

1 cup nuts, chopped (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees farenheit. In a large bowl, mix wet ingredients. Stir in dry ingredients just until wet. Divide batter amongst two greased loaf pans. If using nuts, sprinkle them on top of the batter. Bake for approximately 5o minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

For Raspberry Compote
Place about 1-2 cups frozen raspberries in a bowl, let defrost on counter while bread is cooking, or defrost slightly in microwave for  about 20-50 seconds or so. Sprinkle a “spoonful of sugar” (while humming the song) over the raspberries; stir and slightly smash the raspberries with a fork. Let them sit at room temperature for  a few minutes to get their juices going. Spoon over warm or cold sliced Banana Zucchini Bread.

Enjoy, preferable on the porch or in the backyard on a beautiful summer evening.

What I have learned about my Grandma Manning from her recipes:
She tried all different things, even curry and dried wines.

She went through a tofu phase.

She really liked raisins and dates.

She hand wrote a lot of recipes onto 3×5 cards, she always wrote in cursive, and would correctly rewrite the word if there was a mistake made.

She liked to clip recipes from the back of her favorite ingredients….especially Libby’s Pumpkin pie! There was a bazillion of those!

She liked beets, and was up for pretty much all vegetables. She even had a recipe for Beet Brownies! I’ll let you know how that one goes.

Sometimes she would write a recipe on whatever she had with her. One is written on a very old bank deposit slip.

She liked low-fat and healthy foods.

She really like banana breads, and applesauce breads.

She used “textured soy protein,” but wasn’t afraid to use bacon grease in a salad dressing.

She used things like arrowroot and cardamom.

She used Martha Stewart’s Chocolate chip cookie recipe.

She had crepes for dinner and dessert.

She really liked salads and more salads. I should be more like her in this way.

She liked bread puddings in every flavor.

She collected recipes on the back of a realtor’s (Barry Walton) post card advertisements, and kept them all these years.

Yep, she really loved raisins. Don’t know how I didn’t get this gene.

She made fancy jellos…with fruit and vegetables in them.

She kept a recipe for “Cheese’n Wiener Cresents”, otherwise know to us as “pigs-n-blankets”. I love the fancy name!

She tried to sneak vegetables into baked goods like I do. Beet Brownies anyone?!

She collected box tops. Too bad they were expired, or I would have sent them into my kid’s school.

She saved coupons.

At some point she counted calories.

She saved kitchen tips on how to save cheese. Tip: To avoid cheese from drying up: Place the cheese back in its original wrapper and drop it in a  large quart jar and close the lid tightly, or Rub a little butter or margarine over the cut edge before rewrapping it.

She really liked muffins and cookies. I think I got this gene!

She used the Neiman Marcus $250 cookie recipe.

She really like cranberries, in everything.

Things I already knew:
She once had a job putting the wrappers on the butter. Somebody had to do it back then.

She liked to make every meal look fancy by always using China and crystal pitchers. Even the cereal and milk would go into fancy bowls and pitchers. Her china and doilies were used in the above pictures.

She could do the dishes by hand faster than anyone I know. I’m getting pretty fast though.

She raised a family of three boys and one girl almost all on her own.

She could beat the pants off anyone in a game of Scrabble or Parcheesi, and she would–every time–even if you gave her Bambi eyes.

She worked hard her entire life.

She gave me the best Dad ever!

Comments on: "Banana Zucchini Bread {with Raspberry Compote}" (8)

  1. I’m so jealous your grandma left recipes. My grandma recently passed away as well, but she cooked everything but sight. I really wish I had her apple pie recipe, it was the best ever!

  2. This was fun! It reminded me how long it’s been since I had my mom’s chicken crepes for dinner.
    …so are you going to try bread pudding again???

  3. Aunt Susan said:

    Ohhh. This made me miss my Mom even more! She started trying Tofu when Cheri and Sterling went vegan. She had a computer for a while and got the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe there. LOL. I made Banana Bread last week and cried…it reminded me so much of my Mom. Can you tell I am missing her?

  4. Uncle Keith said:

    That stuff certainly sounds absolutely wonderful, especially the part about the best Dad ever! To think this was all recalled due to a a hodge podge recipe collection.

    If ya’ll think going vegan is bizarre, try this on for size – going without dairy or any gluten products for 3-weeks. It’s a lot harder than I realized, because there is so much of this stuff hidden under innocuous sounding names. Wish me luck on my new endeavor to regain some semblance of good health!

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