food and family in salt lake city

Oh, look at that?! It’s been a month since I’ve posted anything on here!

Sorry y’all, (I can say that because I once lived in Texas), anyway it’s been a crazy whirl wind of non-stop everything for the past month. You know what I mean right? When sun, fun, deadlines, family, friends, school, work, license renewals, CEU’s and birthdays all demand your attention? And the hobby stuff (AKA, the blog), well it gets put on the back burner for a bit.

It’s not that I haven’t been trying new recipes or haven’t been taking photos of delicious food, or haven’t been thinking of what we all should be drooling over next (teaser: Ice Cream Cake!). Definitely not any of those things.

What it is, is having the time to put them all together in one complete thought out blog post. One that actually makes sense, has a drool inducing photo and a recipe or link. This stuff all takes time you know. Er, maybe you don’t know. Well then, I’ll tell you. Completing the recipe, photographing it, editing the photos, writing long stories to introduce the recipes (yes, I know I can get long-winded), editing the draft, fitting all the photos in, linking to sources and reviewing it, it all takes time. In fact, sometimes it takes me a few weeks or months to get some posts completed. Even if I get one post done, I might bump it for another recipe post depending on inspiration.

I have to be inspired. A specific food or ingredient has to inspire me to cook it, bake it, and eat it. Then it’s gotta be good enough for me to want to share it (with you of course-silly), and if it is, then the photo shoot begins…if it’s daylight that is.

Photographing food in natural daylight almost always makes for a better photograph. Preferably in early morning or in early evening, perfect timing for a family right? Wrong.

If you have children under the age of 10 years then this is the worst possible time ever to try to photograph an appetizing dish. Think about it, they’re hungry, they see yummy food, they want it. This is where the battle begins, the endless questions start:  “Mom, what is that? Do we get to eat it? Can I have some now? When can I have one? Can I just have a little bite? Are you done taking pictures yet?”

Then it moves into poking, prodding, and whining for the food, unless they just full on grab it right out of the photo shoot (Zoe!). I know it can be hard to stand by and watch something mouth-watering being photographed. I guess that’s just my families bad luck, having a mom/wife who likes to document what she makes. But eventually they do always get to eat it. This is a huge reason why you don’t see a lot of dinner entrees on my blog. I’ve got a lot I’d like to share, but I’m lacking photos for them. To be honest, most times we are just too darn hungry to wait.

The kids (and the husband) have gotten better about waiting, but sometimes they give the best puppy dog eyes and I give in. After all, I make it all with love just for them.


These Homemade Oreos are the real deal. The filling tastes just like the store-bought kind. They are time-consuming, but worth it and quite a treat, the pay of is huge (to your taste buds, not your thighs).

If perhaps you are looking for a less time-consuming recipe you can try, Almost Homemade Oreo Cookies here.

But if you are looking to make the real deal check out Smitten Kitchen’s Homemade Oreo Cookies recipe here.

PS-See how I’m being lazy by putting a link instead of writing the recipe out? Well, I made no changes to her recipe, so I feel it is ok.

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