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S’mores Cookie Cake

Quinn’s request and idea for his 6th birthday cake came like this: “For my birthday, I want a Marshmallow Cake. But Mom, wouldn’t it be cool if it was just cookies, so then, right after I blow out my candles, everyone could just grab their own cookie?! But Mom, I want a S’mores Cake…with marshmallows.”

I was a bit stuck at first. What exactly did he want? A cake or cookies? Or did he just want a bag of marshmallows? Truthfully, he would have been happy with the latter, but I couldn’t just give him a bag of marshmallows. Well, I could have, but I didn’t want to. It was his birthday not Halloween, he needed something special that was made with love. So, I decided to get my creative juices going, and put all his requests together. Thus, the S’mores Cookie Cake was born. Isn’t it fun?!


I used one whole batch of last summer’s S’more Sandwich Cookies, and just layered them between an entire bag of large marshmallows (as if you couldn’t figure that one out for yourself). It was kind of fun, and he seemed to think it was pretty cool. So I consider it a success!

Happy Birthday Buddy! Keep the adventures coming!


My handsome little Quinn-tito-bandito. Pssst-don’t call him that to his face as he’s all grown up now…according to him, which is partly true, sigh. When will they stop doing that thing? That growing up thing?

S’more Cookie Cake

1 batch of S’more Cookies (click here for recipe)
1 bag of large marshmallows

Assemble cookies as a base onto a cake platter, and alternate with large marshmallows; continue till all cookies have been used up. Enjoy…right after you blow out the candles!

PS-Wouldn’t it be fun if the marshmallows were toasted? Try it for me and send me a picture!

PSS-Yes, it is Quinn in all the pictures. He got a much needed haircut right after his birthday. He has ears now! Which means I have to remember to put sunscreen on them now-eeek!

Comments on: "S’mores Cookie Cake" (2)

  1. Too cool! And yummy I’m sure 🙂

  2. So darn cute! What a great idea!

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