food and family in salt lake city


Hi, my name is Alicia, and I simply love food.

When I was a little girl, I eagerly learned to bake next to my mother’s side. As I learned, my five hungry siblings happily encouraged me in these interests. I would drool over cook books, turning page after page, studying them as if they were a child’s picture book. In second grade, I did a report on being a “Chef,” and in third grade, I presented to my fellow classmates “How To Make Candy.” Continuing with the pattern, in sixth grade, I gave a demonstration speech on how to make Candy Bar Cookies. I also remember signing up to bring cookies to the Valentine’s Party, having a clear and distinct picture of the exact recipe I wanted to try (a heart shaped sugar cookie with a heart shaped window to showcase the red raspberry filling). I am pretty positive I was the only kid who got that excited about signing up to bring cookies. But that’s what it was, pure excitement. Now that I am a grown up (at least that’s what I tell my three kids), my excitement and learning continues in my own kitchen.

In the last four years, I began using a local food co-op where my love for food has grown beyond baked goods. I get excited each and every time I go to pick up my basket of food, knowing it’s a basket of healthy adventures. I have become more aware of all the wonderful & diverse foods and flavors around me.

With a family of five to feed, I am constantly in my favorite place, the kitchen, where I try to whip up healthy and delicious meals and snacks for my family each and everyday. As I test out recipes, I try to take drool-inducing photographs like the ones I remember as a girl. I will share my successes, and yes, I will share my failures too, but most importantly, I want to share my excitement for food.

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  1. Hi-just wanted you to to know how much we liked your tip, and that we pinned it on our Pinterest board at WebMD! Love your blog!

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