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Snowman Kabobs

The only Snowman you’ll see in Utah this winter.



Roast Chicken with Spices, plus My Adventures as an Art Co-oper

This year at my son’s school, I had the opportunity to be an art co-oper. I’ll be honest here, and confess I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just picked a day that worked for my schedule. Little did I know that art co-opers planned ALL the art for the year. Let me just stop here, and tell you I appreciate art, I enjoy looking at it, pondering it, and owning it.  However, I have no back ground in it. I took an art class here or there, but I recall hardly a thing (kind of like Bio-Chemistry). So I (a dental hygienist) with another brave co-oper (a nurse educator) tackled 1st and 2nd grade art. (more…)